SAP TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization) training supports SAP customers in accelerating the creation of automated test cases for SAP solutions. This acceleration is achieved by automatically creating test components for selected SAP transactions. SAP TAO Training components will then be automatically uploaded into the SAP Quality Centre by HP application. These draft test cases are for single transactions, which can then be consolidated into a scenario test case. SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization training also supports maintenance of components and test cases by integration into SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Change Analyzer.

By the end of this training you will:
– Acquire the relevant knowledge required to clear the SAP certification exam.
– Understand the core concepts of SAP’s TAO module.
– Be able to apply the knowledge learned to progress in your career as an associate level SAP TAO consultant.


A good bachelor’s degree in any field would be an advantage. Awareness to database technologies and basic software knowledge is advantageous but not a must.

32 Hours

Although there is no guarantee of a job on course completion we are almost certain that you should be able to find a suitable position within a few weeks after successful completion of the course. As a part of Placement service, we offer CV reviewing in which your CV would be reviewed by our experts and essential modifications to be made would be recommended so that your CV suits perfectly to the kind of training you have taken.

Introduction to SAP TAO

- SAP TAO Basic Concepts
- About of SAP TAO 2.0
- SAP TAO Architecture overview
- SAP TAO workflow
- TAO Connection settings
- Configuring the SAP TAO
- Generating components in TAO using Inspect & UI scanner
- Differences b/w Inspect/UI scanner
- Importing or Exporting Business Components
- Common components In SAP TAO
- CBASE Libraries

Installation & Configuration in SAP TAO 2.0

- Prerequisites for Installing SAP TAO
- SAP TAO Installation
- SAP TAO Folder Structures
- SAP TAO License
- Configuring the SAP Quality Center Folder Structure
- Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Managed System
- Connecting SAP TAO to SAP Quality Center
- Creating Application Area in QTP
- Exporting Local Components to QC
- Configuration Settings for different Tabs

Explanation of Different Tabs in SAP TAO

- Process Flow Analyzer
- Inspection
- Consolidation
- Import/Export
- Change Analyzer
- Repository
- Connect

Test Scenario's Demo

- Inspect
- UI Scanners
- Consolidate
- Build Test Script
- Consolidated Test Script
- Execute Test Script
- Results Analysis

SAP Automation Using with QTP

- SAP Configuration to work with QTP
- How to Identify SAP Objects using QTP
- Using QTP How to navigating SAP GUI application
- Using QTP How to navigating SAP Portal application
- Different Types of SAP objects

Automation Using BPT

- BPT Introduction on
- BPT workflow
- Creation of Manual Business Components
- Application Area
- Creation Of scripted Component (Automated)
- Creation of Keyword Driven Component
- Creation & Execution of Manual BPT
- Creation & Execution of Automated BPT using the automated components